Empty Property Insurance

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  • Cover for buildings and contents
  • Residential and Commercial properties covered
  • Property owner’s liability
  • Cover for vandalism
  • Water damage and subsidence
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Empty Property Insurance Guide

It’s no secret that a property is at much more risk from theft and vandalism when it is left empty for extended periods of time. There for it is vital to get the necessary insurance to protect your property from these risks. There are many insurance providers who specialise in empty property insurance so you will not have trouble finding a policy that’s right for you. However before you go about getting quotes, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the types of cover that are available so you can make an informed decision.

Types of Cover Available

Below are some of the main cover options you can have included with an empty property insurance policy –

  • Building Insurance – This will cover the structural damage to the property that might occur as a result of fire or flooding. This is the minimal level of cover you should seek when getting empty property insurance.
  • Contents Insurance – As the names suggests, contents insurance will provide cover for any stolen or damaged property. Some insurance providers will not cover particular contents, such as jewellery so you should find out for sure what is covered.
  • Water Damage – Water damage can be very costly to repair so having this option included in your policy is a very good idea.
  • Property Owner’s Liability – If someone were to become injured as a result of your property being unsafe then you could find yourself facing a liability claim. Whilst this may seem unlikely, it does give you full peace of mind.

The Benefits of Empty Property Insurance

There are many benefits of having empty property insurance. These include

  • Peace of mind
  • Flexible Insurance options
  • Cover all your contents
  • Easy to arrange and instant protection

Getting Quotes The Easy Way

Now that you understand why empty property insurance is so important, you can start getting quotes. Getting quotes is very quick and easy and can save you a good deal of money. After providing some information about your policy needs, you can have access to a range of quotes from multiple empty property insurance providers.  To get started simply click the red button below.


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